Hello Mpasholites, the festive seasonnis here . If you’re about to indulge in binge drinking, club hopping from one joint to another, please be careful.

Apart from being involved in accidents, you might be drugged at that favourite pub of yours. Go out with friends and be your brother’s keeper.

Mpasho Investigates Tablets Of Destruction Part 1: Here Is The Popular “Mchele” Prostitutes Use To Spike Your Drink (PHOTOS)


Failure to take precautions, your drink will be spiked with the popular drug, mchele, leaving you in a comma. If you want to miss Christmas and New Year celebrations or wake up in 2021 go ahead and act like a fool whenever you’re out partying.

Anyway, here’s how to avoid your drink being spiked with mchele at nightclubs

1. never trust a lady you meet in a pub.

2. Always have the drink in your hands and where your eyes can see it.

3. Avoid going to the pub solo

4. Ensure if you have to leave the table, you order another drink and glass

5. Do not take more than three bottles in a single pub and in one sitting

6. Every lady and man who wants to talk to you when you are drinking is up to no good

7. If you have to dance, finish your drink and do not dance on a crowded floor.

8. If you are drinking without your wingman, do not drop your guard and by the second bottle be out of the pub. Usitake mazoea

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9. Avoid dim-lit corners, bouncers, managers na the counter. Hizo ni black spot


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