Bomet county boss Joyce Laboso is a great woman. She is among the few women who have come out to disprove the notion that politics remains a man’s domain. The former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Kenya, who defeated Isaac Ruto in the August 8, 2017 General Elections, and took office on August 22, 2017, was first elected as an MP representing Sotik Constituency in a by-election held on September 25, 2008. She succeeded her sister, Lorna Laboso, who died in a plane crash.

Well, apart from being a tough woman in the male dominated field, Joyce is well known for her gorgeous looks and she has always left men mesmerized and women dying of jealousy whenever she steps out. The mother of three handsome boys, broke tribal barriers and she got married to a man from the lake side; Edwin Abonyo, a former manager with Finlays.

Laboso, who has managed to keep a private life away from the limelight, recently told off her haters in the Bomet governor race, for using “dirty and outdated” tactics during the campaign period, after saying she is unqualified as she is married to an outsider.

“The issue of you being a woman is totally baseless in this case, it is about one’s capability to deliver on their mandate. That is our baseline. If as a leader you have failed, it is upon the electorate to gauge that. Everyone in the race should present their scorecards for the people to judge. The marriage issue cannot determine your suitability to lead because many elected women have proven they are a force to reckon with. Each of us should sell their manifesto without mudslinging over petty issues,” Laboso said.

Well, when she is not busy representing women and the people of Bomet County, Joyce Laboso is a loving and caring wife and mother. She is the pillar behind her family’s success. Below is a never before seen photo of Laboso’s family, check it out:

Joyce Laboso

Charity Ngilu and Anne Waiguru were also elected as governors.