Size 8’s daughter Ladasha Belle Wambo is the most followed Kenyan celebrity kids on Kenyan Instagram.

While you are busy bragging to us 10k followers, Ladasha has 157k followers. Just like her Tanzanian counterparts (celebrity kids), Ladasha is a brand ambassador for local diaper brand and she is the only Kenyan baby who has ever landed such a major deal at a tender age. She is a baby boss!

MAMA LOVE! See How Size 8’s Daughter Is Making Her Mother Cry Tears Of Joy

Well, Size 8’s baby is a spitting image of her father DJ Mo.




Size 8 & DJ Mo

But, photos of former actress turned DJ Pierra Makena’s child have caused an uproar online. Makena’s little girl bears a freakish resemblance to Size 8’s daughter. The two look alike!  They are a photocopy of each other! Check out the photos


Size 8 & Pierra Makena's daughters


Size 8 & Pierra Makena's daughters

Are they related?

Kethi And Her Brother Mutula Kilonzo Jnr Bear A Freakish Resemblance To Maina Kageni.. LOOK CLOSELY (PHOTOS)

People do look alike even though they are not related and that’s the case with these two cute angels. It’s called having a doppleganger.