This video is too funny!!!!

As American citizens gear up to elect their 45th president, all sorts of smear and propaganda campaigns are reigning supreme. Each candidate (in this case former U.S First Lady Hillary Clinton and tycoon Donald Trump), are engrossed in a fierce battle, racing against time, to convince the electorate that each is the most suitable candidate to take over from the incumbent President Barack Obama.

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On Monday, the two faced off in the first televised presidential debate, where Clinton forced her rival onto defense over his temperament, refusal to release his taxes and his past comments about race and women.

Now, a comical video showing how Trump was “terrorized” by Clinton during the debate, or something like it, has surfaced. In the video, the former U.S secretary of state is depicted as a ravage fictional superhero Hulk, as Trump comes in as Loki –  a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.


Kenyan Comedian Eddie Butita Meets American Presidential Candidate Donald Trump (Video)

In “his” usual character, Hulk wastes no time in confronting and similarly destroying Loki by tearing him to pieces, in “his” show of utter strength and power.

My friends, you will like this one.