The latest craze in Kenya is the #IsaacRutoChallenge – a trend inspired by Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto.

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For those not in the know, the seasoned politician sustained an injury below his right eye after police officers lobbed teargas canisters at a crowd on Sunday, November 6.

The men in blue were trying to calm down angry supporters of the governor and National Assembly Deputy Speaker Joyce Laboso who had disrupted a match between Bunge FC and Silibwet FC.

The camps started pelting stones at one each other and the police were forced to intervene by lobbying teargas and firing live bullets in the air to disperse the warring groups.

A canister hit Governor Ruto below his right eye in the melee and he sustained an injury as a result.

He was airlifted to Nairobi on Monday, November 7 for specialized treatment before but the politician had to be flown to South Africa after medical tests – including a CT scan – showed that he had multiple fractures which could only be fixed through surgery.

Kenyans still decided to make light of the moment despite its weightiness, this has led me to the conclusion that  Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) must be smoking something.


Anyway, all it entails is putting an elastic adhesive bandage under your eye and looking like you mean business – you could be upset about Clinton’s loss for all we care – and viola!

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