Last week, Willy Paul dropped a video that complete;y shook Kenyans to the core. The video was hot on the heels of another dropped by his frienemy Bahati.

It was the quintessential climax of their long standing feud -a competitiveness both lads are quick to deny. And yet, we as Kenyans get to enjoy the two really dig in deep to outdo each other because the end result is awesome music from the two of them.

What am I on about well Willy Paul’s I do and Bahati’s Kumbe Kumbe ofcourse!


This feud is actually reminiscent of the battle for supremacy between Messi and CR7. And CR7 in this instance would be Willy Paul. Both lads are often besot with resentment and hatred that is inexplicable. Both lads are talented beyond imagination ergo draw both admiration and hate in equal measure.

Earlier in the week I’d crafted a poll to see who people felt had won between Willy Paul and Bahati and the results blew me away. Not only had Willy Paul won, but he had won with such a convincing margin! By 44% against Bahati’s 25%

Willy Paul wins poll vs Bahati

Mpasholites have spoken! And if you’re interested, the battle scores now stand at:

171,042 views for “Kumbe Kumbe” (after 2 weeks)

739,059 views for “I Do” (after 1 week)