Nana Owiti
Nana Owiti

King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti has come out to share how she was diagnosed with high blood pressure during her second pregnancy, a condition she was previously unaware she had.

Today, Nana shared the picture above on Instagram followed by a long caption.

The mother of two said:

I have high blood pressure and it explains why my face looks kinda puffy.

She went on to say:

I should take my son to the hospital as soon as possible so as to contain the pressure. I HOPE EVERYTHING GOES WELL

Nana and her family

She also ranted about how most hospitals tend to ignore the wellbeing of a mother, by focusing more on the newborn.

She wrote:

Now, when pregnant, most hospitals show a lot of concern for you and the bun in that human oven but little to no attention is shown to moms postpartum. Ata ukienda clinic mostly it’s the baby that gets checked sana. I feel like a lot of sensitization has to be made in hospitals to have them check new moms all through to the 3rd month after the baby. 

Nana and her son posing

She continued on to say:

Thank God the pharmacist noticed. She said ‘Mama Gweth you don’t look okay. Tupime pressure kwanza? It was a whopping 160/120 now medical practitioners will tell you how high that is. Normal is between 120/80-140/90 not more or less. I have no history of blood pressure nor does my family.

In a different post, Nena concluded by saying:

I’m not here to scare you! Far from it. I’m discussing with you very personal matters to educate and create awareness. If I can save a mom a day from having to go through what I did and just be wary of our bodies then I shall keep speaking my truth and supporting.

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