Last week, the internets were inundated with news about a female thug who had been shot and killed by police.

We exclusively broke the news and the story quickly grew legs and ran away.

Hessy Wa Kayole Kills SEXY Female Gangsta Like A Cockroach

Anyway, that story for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past 5 days is about a female gangster who is attractive enough -one would think- not to have to lead a life of crime but… You know how that goes given she met her demise at the wrong end of a gun.

But she wasn’t in her Gaza gang alone. The gang is allegedly led by her boyfriend/ husband/ father of her child, a lad by the name of Mwani (Mwaniki).

Clea adi vybz and bae

And while Clare, the female gangster now lies dead in a morgue, her husband is still around, he’s gone to ground. But should he surface again, Hessy wa Kayole has promised him an end similar to the end he gave one of his gang member friends.

And make no mistake about it, from several accounts we have recceived, Mwani is a cold blooded killer with neither scruples nor loyalties. He actually turned on one of his friends and gang members.

Wamepatikana! Read How Brutally Clare Mwaniki’s Gaza Gang Members Are Being Killed By Hessy Wa Kayole

So as can be expected for someone like this, the death that awaits him should he return to a life of crime will be grisly. But it’s a death he gave one of his lieutenants so he knows just how bad it will be. He is intimately familiar with the brutality of this death.

hessy victims1

You see, Mwani killed his friend Collo by shooting him then throwing him (while he was still alive) into a quarry. It’s bad enough that you shot me but to condemn me to drowning…

And that’s all she wrote!

I’m out.

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