Hessy wa Dandora

For a while now, we have been hearing about an Eastlands slum gang called Gaza and another called Super Power. These gangs have caught the nation’s imagination because of how young the members are and the fact that even the female members of the gang are ruthless.

Remember the hottest gangster Kenyan had ever seen? Aye, she was dating a gangster called Mwani and her name was Cleah. They are nw both enjoying a long dirt nap that will only end on the day of judgment.

Live By The Gun Die By The Gun! Notorious Gaza Gang Leader Mwani Sparta, Husband To The Late Sexy Female Gangster Cleah Adi Vybz Has Been Killed (GORY PHOTOS)

Mwane Sparta

Rest In Pieces! Slain Gangster Mwani Sparta Laid To Rest (Photos)

These are the faces of Nairobi’s new wave of crime. And as I said before, they are ruthless. So a team of police officers was created that participates in extrajudicial killings but with the support of the community. BBC has unmasked the team that is Hessy wa¬†Eastleigh. And they followed them around, shadowing their day to day activities (or night-to-night as it were).

Check out this riveting investigative piece of journalism they posted that has completely kept me glued to the screen. Enjoy: