Woman gang raped
Woman who was gang raped while going to give birth shows newborn kid

Fierce city cop Hessy has sent a stern warning to two thugs who gang-raped a heavily pregnant woman, who was going to a hospital to deliver.

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According to several media outlets, the woman was raped on November 4 in front of her daughter and warned not to report the incident to the police or else she would be killed.

The story has gone viral and was shared on Facebook by one Mtetezi wa Wanyonge. He shared a photo of the lady on a hospital bed after giving birth and sent a warning to the gang as well. He wrote:

The lady in the picture below was in labor pains usiku wa kuamkia Leo @00:58 midnight,she stays with her first born who just completed her KCPE a day before yesterday, the lady called a friend who is also her neighbor and told her that she is almost delivering a baby coz labour pains zimezidi,huyo jirani akapigia the known motorist akakuja kumpeleka and it was around 01:15hrs,huyu mama mjamzito left out na huyu msichana wake kuelekea kwa njia where they had told mtu wa nduthi akam wapatane;all of a sudden wakiwa wametoka kwa plot,vijana wawili waliwashika and they took them pale kwa uwanja ya st Teresa’s alafu wakawatisha na kisu if they dare scream they will kill them,hawa vijana wawili walirape huyu mama mjamzito na wakatoroka na kumwacha pale kwa uwanja,mtu wa nduthi kufika hapati mtu then he called yule jirani aliyemwita kisha akatoka wamwangalie aliko,kwa bahati mzuri mtoto wa huyo mama mjamzito aliscream na wao kukimbia pale the got them ndio but the lady was in a critical condition na again mtoto ametoka,they took her to hospital akasaidiwa ndio na saa hii wako poa mpka mtoto,so my question is this #Ninjas raped huyu mama in front of mtoto wake na wakaenda? raping a lady who is in labour pains?




The young mother has been forced to relocate to an unknown location for her safety after she received a letter from her tormentors threatening to kill her. The letter was delivered to her by a garbage collector and part of it read;

If you want peace, do not report this matter to the police or else you will die earlier.

Below is the letter, go through;

Dandora rapists

Hessy is not happy and many have called upon him to do something as cases of rape have become rampant especially in the Eastlands area.

So they raped the lady as it was illustrated by #Mtetezi_Wa_Wanyonge, kile kimefwata sasa ni kuandikia victim a threatening letter then garbage collector ndio alikuwa messenger: it has now forced the lady(rape victim) to relocate to somewhere else for her safety: like seriously?