Dandora rights activist

The body of Dandora human rights activist Caroline Mwatha Ochieng was found at the City Mortuary yesterday evening. She had a deep gashing wound inside her left thigh and blood was oozing from the neck.

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Her case has shocked the nation and now the police claim she died while procuring an abortion in Eastleigh area.

Taking to social media, fierce city cop Hessy wa Dandora wrote:

‘Let us finalise this issue because I can see some media houses have started asking funny questions like, who killed her blah, blah..and obviously, all fingers will point police department: I want to put things straight here that no police officer is responsible for her death. Caro was a married woman to a man working in Dubai but was 5 months pregnant for another man well known as Alex from Dandora.

She decided to seek intervention from local doctors within Eastlands of Nairobi with the motive of conducting an abortion to save her marriage. She made the 1st attempt but was not successful, the second one again not successful: the third (3rd) attempt was conducted within Dandora phase 4 at a certain local clinic which caused serious damage and hence excessive bleeding that resulted to death: that was on 7th February 2019.

Obviously, they had no option than to visit City mortuary. At the morgue, its believed they booked her in using different names and convinced the mortuary attendants that she died naturally. So far, Alex, one doctor plus two other local pharmacists are in custody. Am sure someone will ask why Alex was arrested because he’s the one responsible for facilitating the whole process.

I want to say this, that media houses plus other social platforms should stop broadcasting fake and defamatory information to tarnish the image of the police: next time before u start pointing fingers at the police, think twice: do your research properly before making any move to accuse the police. We don’t just kill innocent people, we normally eliminate armed gangsters to secure a safe environment for all us.’

This followed by a statement from DCI, which is similar to Hessy wa Dandora’s. Below is the DCI’s statement:

DCI statement on Dandora rights activist
DCI statement on Dandora rights activist

Caroline’s family has refuted the claims saying they are all fake. The activist’s husband Joshua Ochieng, who last visited the country last year in August told the Star:

What? Who is saying that? I’M NOT AWARE ABUT THAT ISSUE OF PREGNANCY. We have been talking with Caroline like every day and she has never told me about the issue of pregnancy.

Caroline’s sister-in-law also told the Star that:

Caro is a slender-bodied lady who was not pregnant. I know how to detect pregnancy, just by a look at their face. Caro was not.

So far six have been arrested for questioning of Mwatha’s murder.

Dandora rights activist

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