Kenyans have reacted to a video of gospel artiste Size 8 shouting at her husband and their pastors. The video is part of their reality show which is set to air on NTV but many aren’t pleased with her actions.

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Rumour has it that there’s trouble in DJ Mo and Size 8’s marriage after cheating rumours went viral. They have been married for seven years.

Below are reactions to the video

felithegogetter Najua mna act tu but single life ni poa than having a nagging partner 😔it drains

teddy_tz123 At least munagombana mukiwa pamoja na watu wa camera 🤣🤣🤣

marymaria67 Arguing with size 8 is pointless yu will never win NGO’🙄🙆‍♀️ the energy with this women is of another level …

wahu_kega Do cameras keep following you to capture moments when you have fights or it’s just a coincidence that the cameras were there when the fight erupted?

dayofligh sasa fight ya clout?😮

kandyska9 Huyu size 8 hukuwa 🔥 HOT TEMPERED.. I mean Hotpot Tempered.. I wonder vile DJ MO Huwezana🙄

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maureenblack67 Aki mnatupimanga sana, ile upuzi mko nayo imeshinda ile uhuru anasemanga wakenya wako nayo… sasa mlikaa mkaona mu record arguement yenu🤣🤣🤣🤣

wandwati Enyewe watu hukosana, no one is perfect, lakini not on social media, watunguyaz!😕

angelkiendi Soooo hi yote was a movie.. point taken

mouachie Kwa ground vitu ni different…🔥🔥🔥

juliemwana44 That’s true DJ Mo nobody is perfect even celebs are human beings.

greysrich Wish it was real .coz it always look so scripted.

maureenblack67 The look on size 8 face shows poor acting skills, try other jobs🤣😂😂… hakujua DJ Mo ako hapo kabla ya hiyo part?😂😂😂😂

babydanzy Mtawachana 2🤣nifundishe kunyamaza🙌

beatrice_2chelsea We do anything for clout …do anything for clout …do anything for clout.

nelly_munga Yenyewe tunaoneaga shetani😂😂😂 ukishoutia bwana hivyo in public 😂😂heshimu bwana yako before people chunga hasira

irene.kanini May God give us wisdom to uphold our marriages no matter the challenges

mokeira_hildah At least you guys are being honest on the struggles you face in marrige. It’s so educative and inspiring. I believe marriage works even though am not yet married.

pattellpragya Mnaboo nyinyi sana

jannytigs 😂😂😂…chesooos…no wonder am still single and blissfully happy

wamboii97 May the same God who United u together since day one united u again at this time DJ Mo and Size 8 ur in my prayers I want that marriage to stand in Jesus Name…no matter what ur going thru jus know God is there with u guys Mob love the Murayas❤️

mainasuzanne God manzee awasaidie msolve hizo problems, si poa marriage ya 7yrs ikibreak,,,🙏🙏