Joash Onyango
Joash Onyango with a vintage -blonde beard

Local rapper Jua Cali has been criticized harshly after ‘mocking’ Harambee Stars defender Joash Onyango’s age.

The Gor Mahia and national team player recently left tongues wagging after he dyed his beard, vintage blonde.

Joash Onyango

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Well, Jua Cali shared a photo of the defender and captioned it,

Naskia huyu defender Joash Onyango yuko 26 years old ni ukweli?

This didn’t go well with soccer fans who came out guns blazing, telling the rapper to stick to music. Others made fun of the player. Check out the comments;

Honeymann Felix Yaani Jua Cali hata wewe kioo cha jamii pia unaongoza kukejeli miaka ya huyu bingwa wetu wa stars.

Jes Jos You have outgrown cheap publicity buda…I expect better from you…

Stanley Luvanci Talking about his age, you are also too old to be singing the kind of stuff ya do. I respected you but hapo uko down tu sanaa.

Rollex ‘RK’ Koyi Concentrate na hiyo mziki yako ya kuimba ni kama unapigwa ngeta.

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Kondego Hesborn This guy is better than you in talent, keep to your lane, please!

Martin Kangangi I can’t believe u are leading in humiliating such an innocent person,did he choose how to look like?

Straton Chacha hapa umeniangusha Jua Cali…this guy has been phenomenal in all our matches.

Joash Onyango

Victor Omwambi Jua Cali, with all due respect, this is uncouth and uncalled for. How does Joash’s age concern you or anyone else for that matter? He never asked to marry any of your relatives. Tukuwe wangwana bwana. Men don’t do such.

Collins Cairo It doesn’t matter how old joash is…in fact it doesn’t matter how long we live ,but what we do while we are alive…and now he is doing it for his country

Banks Weke Felixo Ni ukweli age is just numbers you decide to choose a number that is best suits you.

Joash Onyango

Steven Mara Ga Lets support him now and after AFCON we will look into that.

Maina Maina Huyu niliskia ukimchenga anakulaani.

Bob Kennedy Oyando Umeanza udaku sasa.wachana na joash.he is the best defender in Eastern and central Africa. Cheza muziki na Joash acheze mpira. Kila mtu atafutie familia yake.

Thaddaeus Makory Hata kama ako 46 sioni big deal there bora anachezea poa….hatuwezi shinda na issue ya miaka everyday ama ni appearance yake we need to support those guys wacha mambo mingi.

Van Asae Yes professionally he is very young

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Walker Walters Really? Jua Cali some us respect you so much. We don’t expect you to involve yourself in such. Infact, you should apologise.

Juma Hassan Hassan Being an elder you should be above this pettiness.

Abel Getenga Junior Even if he’s 90yrs old, his form n fitness matters coupled with experience.