Ringtone attacks Willy-Paul

Controversial gospel singer Ringtone has just renewed his beef with fellow artiste Willy Paul.

The Pamela hitmaker shared a photo of a shirtless Willy Paul and branded him a dark force in the gospel industry.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

😭😭This is a gospel artist from Kenya called Abubakar Rapado #willypaul .SHOWING DEMONIC SIGNS ON HIS HANDS 🙏🙏🙏 This agent of darkness has to leave the church.

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 His remarks ignited mixed reactions, with many telling him off for judging Willy Paul yet he is no saint.
Check out reactions:

Clairemuturi: Tafuta bibi; all this energy attacking everyone should be used to make babies, Jinga sana

Raybwoy_kenya: @ringtoneapoko and do you think you’re doing the right thing by judging @willy.paul.msafi …….what I know he is a man of God, blessed, humbled, not a joker and a hardworking young man…stop posting his pictures and making it look like he is not on the right track…………..That bible you read kindly go and look at the verse that says you should not judge others.

Kathydecate: I agree with you 100%#ringtoneapoko, people should know you are defending gospel music, willy paul is not doing gospel songs, the truth is bitter 🙏
Mariamutuku: He sings for the money.he should stop hiding under the name gospel artist. I don’t even listen to his music..such a turn-off.

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Maxxamaxx: Nobody has the authority to tell a person to leave church ⛪️,the church of God is in your spirit,I see you guyz are quite shallow in Christianity and yet you tend to speak of Gospel…. my advice to you is just to stay in your lane ,let him leave his life and you live your life

Angieogoti: Why can’t you approach someone en tell him? Now posting here what does it help 😕

Shantel_sabrina: You call him an agent of darkness?? How? Are u God?? Are u an angel either? No u ain’t ! Instead of focusing on how u can be successful as him u just throwing words towards him and u call urself Christmas? Man..mature up and try to mind ur own business that may help you 😏

Joker_artography: Ringtone anadai tu attention

Tindamuziq: Umeshindwa na Zari sasa ni Willy Paul nkt we love him the way he is real 🇰🇪🚀🔥

Princess_shaniz: Never judge anyone ,only God knows100% mungu yuko.anasaidia pia labda sighn tu amefanya ila sio Freemason ama iluminatti ,wajua pia wewe Ringtone kuna wenye wanakujudge wewe ni demonic na labda sio ivo🙋

Zuenacarol: You’re not a saint either so let him be who are u to judge??

Masai_janzez huyu boy illuminati ndio zake ameamua ku show watu livelive

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Mercy.lynn #ringtoneapoko since zari rejected your gift you lost it. something is wrong with you, nowadays you are yapping too much🤔🙄🙄

Mimii_onimi Don’t think this is right. Leave God to judge him.
Dearermkk Umekosa sana kufanya jinsi umefanya.u are also not straightforward to condemn you’re not God

Godfreyshitula Naona umemaliza tembe nikulete ingine sikugani
Shihusa_mfalme Unatafuta PR tulijanjaruka skuizi bratha

Ringtone responded to those who criticised him with a message from the book of Acts18:9-10. The scripture reads:
And the Lord said to Paul one night in a vision, ‘Do not be afraid but go on speaking and do not be silent, for I am with you, and no one will attack you to harm you, for I have many in this city who are my people.’