She is multi-talented and a go-getter too!

What many people do not know is that Zari Hassan alias Zari The Boss lady was a singer… A professional one for that matter.

Well, the lass stopped singing back in 2013 after she released a couple of songs that hit the music charts in Uganda. One of the songs that really did well was Hotter Than Them, one that would also bring an end to her music career.

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This was her last song months after she broke up with the late Ivan Ssemwanga who had been her husband for over 12 years. In the song, Zari Hassan described how she is sweet, hotter and tighter that all lasses.

She sings;

“I’m sweeter than them, hotter than them, tighter than them…”

She continues to call herself a ‘Big Money Spender and a ‘Billionaire.’

zari hassan 7

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Now that she is a singer, you must be wondering why she did not collabo with baby daddy Diamond Platnumz. Well, the Salome hitmaker once told Larry Madowo that he dated Zari when she had ditched her music career.

Diamond said;

“When i met Zari,she had already stopped doing music, I she was a musician, labda hatungekua pamoja. Inawezekana Mwenyezi Mungua alimuambia asimame kufanya muziki ili tukutane na tutengeneze familia nzuri na itakua mfano kwenye jamii. Pengine angekua mwanamziki ningeona dadangu stress.”

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Zari is currently an entrepreneur in South Africa.

Here is Zari Hassan’s hit song which happens to be her last track after she stopped music;

Diamond Gives The Strongest Hint That He Might Just Be Ready to Dump Zari