Have you ever asked yourself why socialites are always talking about how their men are taking good care of them but you will never see these men?
They post photos of their expensive gifts, vacations, cars and many other things. Who do you think takes these photos; Waiters? Random people on the streets? Okay, who pays for these things then?

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Most of them have admitted that they are dating tycoons, but here’s why (my opinion) you’ll never see these men;

1. Age
Some of these men are very old, I mean 60 years plus. This particular Mzee would love to let the world know that he’s the one taking care of the beautiful Miss. So the Oldman becomes her sponsor and photographer.

2. Prominent People
Don’t be shocked when you finally find out that it’s your area MP, Senator or Governor who pays for the expensive vacations. Definitely they wouldn’t want their pictures posted online.


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3. He’s Ugly
Seriously, if I’m the one paying all your bills why wouldn’t you even post my photo as #MCM (Man Crush Monday). There’s no normal man who wouldn’t want to be seen with a beautiful woman.

4. Mpango wa Kando
Maybe these Men are married people who wouldn’t want their families to know about her relationship with these socialites. They will spend all their money on them but avoid pictures or being seen with them in public.


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