King Kaka’s baby mama Nana Owiti decided to be special on his birthday.

She took to her social media to pen a sweet message basically thanking God for another year with him.

They had a lot of changes the past year including welcoming another baby and all she can say is she is glad it is over.

On her birthday last year, she had a romantic surprise dinner. He brought in Pascal (who is under Kaka Empire) to serenade her with Ed Sheeran’s song, perfect.

Nana was too excited that she cried. This was probably why she sent him a sweet message.

She acknowledged the fact that King King has loved her unconditionally and he has been the best partner ever.

Something she also brought out was that, she was the one who approached him, after which when King Kaka took up the challenge to know her better.

Now they have two children.

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Nana said that having King Kaka in her life was the most profitable decision he made and she calls him her king.

Read her message below:

Another year around the sun ☀️ A lot has changed the past year, we made another baby lol👶. Here’s to making more babies. Joke… Aaaanyway, Babe… It’s your special day and I can’t thank God enough for my kiherehere because I talked to you first! Safe to say I led you on and🤣🤣🤣 then like the hunter you are, you chased after me(Now it’s your turn to thank God for making me cut the chase and settling down with you😝😝)So many things I want to thank you for…Thank you for being my safe haven, for the extra pair of shoulders because those are mine whenever the world 🌎 tosses me a bit, the late night chats,
For serving me with the biggest slice of Happiness. Thank you for everything-You know. On your birthday,I wish you God’s presence ALWAYS. Above all, I thank God for this unconditional irrevocable partnership with you because it’s been the most profitable decision I ever made!! I want to say so much but in your words…’watu wasikusome’ 😆Imma stop now… I wish you a very very very Happy Birthday babe. God bless you. Nakupenda Mfalme.