Located on 84 acres of beautiful lush Nanyuki, the Maiyan villas have made a name for themselves as a premier luxury resort, complete with rooftop pool lounges and stunning views of Mount Kenya and the Lolldaiga Hills.

A view at Maiyan from the rooftop pool lounge with Mount Kenya in the background.

Now, Centum Group group is giving members of the public a chance to own a piece of paradise with their newest development, Swara Ranch.

Centum CEO Dr James Mworia spoke about the new development saying,

“We have available units that are complete and ready for occupation, and we can also build for you. And we have the construction capability here, that’s why it takes about six months.”

The new residential segment is made up of nine village courts, with each containing 30 three bedroom modern bungalows, with access to the Maiyan resort. There they can enjoy all of the recreational facilities including swimming, tennis, horse riding and more.

An aerial view of Swara Ranch by Maiyan with Loldaiga Hills in the background

Dr Mworia also confirmed that for those who became part of the Swara Ranch family, would have all of their needs met. He said,

“It makes money for you. And when you are coming, you just call and say I’ll be here on these particular dates and you don’t have to worry about, ‘is your unit clean, is your DSTV working?’ You will find it done.

“If you need shopping it will be done, if you need a cook, we can find one, we will also clean it. They will manage it like a hotel room.”

For those interested, Dr. Mworia revealed that they had already sold 31 out of 34 units, however he added that there were more builds planned in phase 2.  “Those with property at the Swara Ranch will also be able to stay at Falcon Heights, another hotel in Nanyuki at no cost to you.” Dr Mwoira explained.

“What the management does, it they deduct your bills from your revenue. So if you come and spend KES20,000 or KES30,000, that will come off your revenue.

“The idea is that you spend once and then you enjoy it as your asset is working for you. And another thing that is guaranteed is that you will not spend any money on maintenance.”

As for cost, a quarter plot will go for KES5 million, and eighth would cost you KES. 1.75 million, and the three bedroom cottage being sold for KES. 12million.

You can build your holiday home from scratch, to your specifications and liking after buying the serviced plots priced from sh.1.75M at Maiyan

For more information about Maiyan resort and the Swara Ranch estate, visit their Facebook page or call 0797 222333 or email invest@maiyan.co.ke