Radio personality and self-proclaimed secretary-general of Team Mafisi Shaffie Weru gave his two cents over the Samidoh and Karen Nyamu fiasco.

Speaking with Mpasho exclusive, Shaffie categorically asserted that singer Samidoh should not trivialize his relationship with Karen Nyamu as a friendship, citing that it forfeited being one when a child was sired.

‘I did not know Samidoh was married,’ Karen Nyamu on pregnancy

The radio personality divulged that she had grown up with Karen and knows her well enough to realize Samidoh is not winning the scuffle, owing to the fact that she has taken down bigwigs before with her seasoned street style.

Shaffie implored Samidoh not to underestimate Karen’s chops to play dirty, adding that he should have a discourse with her and steer clear of a social media war as it’s a sinking ship.

Giving counsel informed by a former bad boy perspective, the ex-Kiss FM radio host adjured the folk singer to apologize to his wife in private.

He pointed out Samido’s choice to apologize on the socials as an affront to the wife and a rather selfish attempt to salvage his music and law enforcement career.

Karen Nyamu explains how drama with Samidoh’s wife began

Shaffie also stated that Samidoh had survived the hardest part of an affair and it’s now the time to have a candid talk with his missus and forge a way forward out of social media.

He also stated that the debacle is a blessing in disguise to Samidoh publicity-wise, corroborating the truism; even bad publicity is publicity.

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