Seasoned radio personality and self-proclaimed Team Mafisi chairman, Shaffie Weru imparted his averseness to club brawls.

Speaking on the weekly Instagram Live session dubbed Mpasho Xtra, Shaffie adjured guys to always take flight when presented with a fight or flight sitch.

This is subsequent to Masilver, one half of the music group Sailors gang, taking a bottle to the head in a club over a girl.

The ex-KISS FM radio host beseeched people not to fight over a lass, citing that assault charges are serious.

He pointed out to Tanzanian singer TID whose music career took a nosedive after he was jailed for years for assaulting a politician’s son in a club.

The radio personality also implored people to opt for legal actions when assaulted and not resort to physical fights as a lot lies at stake then.

I don’t mind the name, Somali Bae – politician Alinur Mohammed

Shaffie divulged that his decision is informed from a personal experience, saying,

“We used to have those Friday parties and everything. One day, something got out of hand and a guy was hit by a hockey stick akaanguka akagonga kichwa yake kwa pavement.”

He added,

“Luckily, that day I wasn’t there, by the time I was coming to the party napata makarao. One of my boys who was in that fight, guess what. He went to jail for a long time and he was being charged with first-degree murder.”

He also took the chance to dub the proverbial gangster points a hoax.

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