Before I even start writing this article, ‘I know they’re here Mama! Ready to criticize me and call me a Zari minion, yet I’m not, just doing my work as a blogger. Give me a signal Mama before they flood the comment section.’

Welcome to social media, where everyone knows everything about you including the number of boxers and bras you own.

Social media is brutal. It’s full of cruel people who are bitter. The keyboard warriors have no limits, they will abuse anyone including a one day old baby, calling it ugly. This makes me wonder if they have ever heard of this Bible verse.

Genesis 1:27: So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

Well, today, I’m talking about Zari Hassan haters. A day cannot go without bullies trolling her on social media. From how she dresses her kids to what she cooks in her own kitchen.

Fam, Zari’s haters need a chill pill.

Tulieni kama maji kwa mtungi, pris.


Wanaokudharau siku moja watakusalimia kwa heshima! Zari lands a multi-million deal in Tanzania, Hamisa and Wema watajinyonga

The hater community is made up of a section of Tanzanians who are the majority. They’ve opened several accounts just to troll the poor woman.

What do you gain by attacking a fellow human being by spreading false information about her?


If Zari rocks fake Gucci, Louis Vuitton or any designer imitation, why does that bother you? It’s her life. Let her fake it till she makes it.

But we all know Zari isn’t your average woman, she has worked her way up and she decides what to do with her money.

Some of these bitter women and men on social media are very loud on social media yet back home even the neighbours have never heard them talk, why?

Because for some, paying rent is a problem as such, to avoid the leering eyes of the landlord, they will always creep back home late at night when the caretaker is asleep after spending the whole day in a cyber trolling Zari.

Such bottom feeders.

The mother of five is a brand. a respected brand. Whether she flaunts a car she was given by a company to advertise it’s none of your business.

She made you talk. amd wish you were her.

She’s making money by advertising it yet some of you cannot even land a job as an usher in your church because they don’t trust you. You might go on social media to snitch on your church if it collects millions of tithe and claim it’s a cult.

Zari owns a fleet of cars including her late husband Ivan Semwanga’s but haters have been out there tainting her name saying she drives cheap cars.

Apart from using your two legs as a car and airplane what do you know about cars? Do you even know the price of Prince Nillan’s toy cars?

Stop yapping on social media if you have nothing to tell people.

Zip it.

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Zari’s children have become a subject of discussion on social media with people who are not happy with their lives dragging them into nonsensical things.

None of her kids is 18 years old and by trolling them and tagging them in shit, what makes you think that they can’t commit suicide due to cyberbullying?

Even in the Bible, the son who saw his father’s nakedness was cursed but why do you tag Zari’s children in her old naked photos and videos?

How would you feel if your child saw your nakedness? Would you be happy to watch your mother or father strip to their birthday suits in front of you?

Zari’s children deserve respect and cyber-bullies should refrain from involving them in their mother’s stuff.

Zari with family

Zari was with Ivan Semwanga when he had nothing and the two worked hard to give their children a better life.

Photos of Zari and her family before she parted ways with Ivan Semwanga are allover the internet and they speak volumes. They were an adorable family.

But to haters, Ivan was living a fake life. The late father had a chain of Brooklyn colleges across South Africa, which up to now are still successful and being run by Zari.

She’s trying her level best to raise her children into great people in the society the way their father would have wanted to.

And her attending her the husband’s funeral and being recognized as the official widow was okay. Did you expect her not to comfort her kids?

Nicca’s please?!

Most of those who speak evil of Zari and her family have never even boarded a flight but always know what’s going on in her home yet South Africans never talk nonsense about her.

Hellooo bullies, why so much bile? How are you going to hate and you cannot even afford one meal for her entire family?

Do you feed her?

Zari’s children are old enough to be your grandkids but some of you go ahead and tag them on negativity.

Also, Zari has a right to visit and take pics on Ivan’s grave because they were legally married. But to some, she’s just a grave slayer.

Zari Hassan
Zari sitting on Ivan Semwanga’s grave

Body shammers are always talking bad about this woman. Whether she’s 40 or 50, she’s still sexy. Show me any ‘grandmother’ who looks like Zari.

It’s time we stick to our business and stop minding other people’s businesses.


No one is a saint and its time we shun cyberbullies and trolls. If you don’t like someone please unfollow them and stop taking Panadol for their headaches.

Thank you Ugandans for supporting your own. Attend Zari’s upcoming events like never before and show love to your own. Show these Tanzanians and cyber bullies that negativity is for the weak, bitter and those who’ve failed in life.

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