There are a number of reasons why your bae may not be interested in a wedding or committing.

Ensure you understand the reasons why your partner may be dodging the topic.

Here’s what to do if such a case appears.

  1. Talk it out

Talk to your partner and get to know what the problem is.

Communication can clear up a lot of confusion. Ask your partner if he or she opposes the conception of a wedding or the legal act of it. Are they ready for marriage?

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2. Trust Your Partner’s Needs

If your partner is aware that he or she isn’t able to wed, the last thing you want is for them to just go along for the ride without listening to what they really need.

If your partner’s conformity to you is by being honest, listen.

Also at times, the social pressure becomes too much and if you’re feeling the wedding is what you wish, be careful because you might need to choose between the marriage and the person.

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3. Figure Out What Marriage Means To You

Often, you want the same things, but in different packages.

Sometimes we tend to enter into unions as a result of what the social construct expects from us, and we never ask ourselves if it’s right for us.

Some couples want a long-term committed relationship and not in any legal way.

It’s very necessary to explore the deeper understanding of what a wedding means for each of you.

4. Realize clearly why you would like To Be Married

I think the primary and most significant issue to ask yourself is — why does one need to be married? Why is that important to you?

Besides the ceremony and piece of paper, do you want to be together and see no likelihood or reason for breaking up anytime soon? If so, then you are ready to take it to the next step.

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