Are you a sucker for TV series? These are productions that should not escape your watch list

  1. Yellowstone

Oscar-winner Kevin Costner stars in this dramatic TV show as a rich father who struggles to pick a successor for his renowned ranch.

He also faces issues from native Indians who want a piece of his land. The two seasons series grows into you as you get engulfed in drama.

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2. The Night of

This mini-series is the best there is of its genre as it involves a Pakistani-American who gets involved in a homicide case as the main suspect. It may be one season long, but the series will have you glued to the screen for a whole day.

3. The Affair

Starring Dominic West who played JImmy McNulty in the revered The Wire, the name of the series perfectly describes the plot.

Acting as a promiscuous husband, West portrays the never-ending consequences of cheating in marriages.

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4. How to Get Away With Murder

The Shonda Rhimes production entails a lawyer who is also a professor who gets heavily involved in her students’ lives that it affects her personal life.

The drama series is on its 6th season and begs to be on your watch list.

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5.Game of Thrones.

Yes! It is a must-watch and even if you have watched it before, a second watch could prove to be as nerve-wracking as the first watch.

Despite the public outcry about the last season, GOT is an excellent TV production that will glue you to your screen from the first season to the eighth one.

6. Power

A 50 cent production, this show delves into the glam and gore of drug dealing businesses in New York.

Starring Omari Hardwick, you will get attached to how every star plays their character in this tv show.

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