The Wakanda fever has really hit African fans with a huge bang! We all love the fact that our very own Lupita Nyongo was one of the main characters in the movie Black Panther.

Kenyans had chochad this story to a point we had decided to all out and ask our never on time tailors to make us nice Ankara’s. The Kenyan celebrities who went to the first viewing it on the premier did not let our Lupita down.

Check out photos of how good they rocked African print wear

Let us talk about how extra Brian Baba looks? He is my number one because he dressed as though he is the main character of the movie, Black Panther. Together with his date, Grace Ndiege, they killed the red carpet for sure.

2. Angela Wambui

She is my number two because she looks like the Wakanda goddess and queen all wrapped up in one. She was definitely dressed for the big unveiling!

3. Lady Mandy

Doesn’t she look lovely, such a cutey and she was definitely ready for the show.

5. Muthoni Njoba and son

These two should have been my number one because they even went the extra mile to dress the part. Muthoni said she bought her son the costume last year and it came in handy to play the role very well.

5. Larry Madowo

Larry and the lovely ladies Kobi Kihara and his sister Liz Madowo look so good. He was actually one of the very few men who dressed up for the occasion.