Former President Daniel Arap Moi was loved and loathed in equal measure but only Lena captured his heart despite his high profile status.

Moi was Kenya’s second President and had in the past been married to Lena.

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Former President Daniel Moi

Not much is known about Lena and here are things you did not know about the woman former president Moi loved.

  • Lena was born in 1926.
  • She was a student at the AIM School in Eldama Ravine before she joined Tenwek Girls’ Boarding School in Kericho.
  • Lena’s parents, the Paul Bomett family, were pioneer Christians in Eldama Ravine.
  • Moi officially married Lena in 1950 at the AIC mission in Eldama Ravine.

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  • As dowry  Moi paid two heifers, one ox, and four sheep to the Bomett family.
  • Their marriage collapsed in 1974 and they divorce in 1979.

    President Daniel Moi with his wife Lena and kids.
  • She had two siblings, William Bomett and sister Dina.
  • She was a primary school teacher after.
  • After getting married Lena abandoned her career as a teacher and immersed herself into bringing up her family, settling down with Moi at Tambach Government School.
  • She died in 2004.

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