Nigerian music has massively penetrated into the Kenyan industry.

Every DJ, every radio and TV stations play Oga music.

You would expect every Kenyan to have at least 2 or 3 Nigerian songs on their top 5playlist, but for Classic 105’s Mwalimu Kin’gangi it’s something different.

Mwalimu Kin’gangi’s says that his favourite gospel artist is Christina Shusho not only because of her vocal prowess but also because of the message contained in her songs.

He also says that we need to learn to appreciate our own musicians if at all we expect them to be recognised worldwide.

Here is the list of his top five African songs.

5. Stara ThomasTupandane (Not available online)

4.  Joyous ChoirTambira

3. Jose ChameleoneWale Wale

2.Jaguar – Centimetre

1. Christina Shusho – Nipe Macho