Luo men are liquid kryptonite to a woman’s willpower to refuse them.

Just take a look at all the male celebrities from the Lakeside and show me one who is single and miserable?

You won’t find any because their charm oozes with ease and the scent of it disables any woman’s defences.

Msiseme hamukwambiwa! 20 top names of men who make good husbands

One city woman mused on Facebook.

Wamaitha Kabanya wrote, “May God deliver us from luo men and their charm. Aki na nisiskie mtu akiniita BabyGirl! Ma cherie.”

Microblogger Magunga JaKaruoth responded to her using an arsenal of all the sweet pet names one can use on a beauty.

I also got some smooth Luo men to add on to the list.

Akinyi Is The Most Beautiful, While Awino Is Polite But Gets Pregnant Very Fast… Here Is A List Of Luo Names And What they Signify

Grab a notebook and take notes. Here are the top pet names to throw at your bae to leave them defenseless to your charms.

  1. A gal toto.
  2. Wang’e lando (Macho yako ni mrembo na ni ya brown, nyako).
  3. Duonde mit ka niang’ (You are like my throuat that is enjoying sweet sugarcane juice going down it.)
  4. The only female in my Whatsapp.
  5. Lie to me.
  6. Nyar jomoko (Daughter of a rich and powerful man).
  7. You make me beat myself dusla nono (for nothing).
  8. Beat your knees next to me wago ne Obong’o Nyakalaga mos kwom paro mang’eny misesanda go nyaka nene nyere (We thank God for the many thoughts about you that I gladly agonise over.
  9. Duonde mit ka niang’ (Sauti tamu kama miwa).
  10. My sweet paying tender.
  11. Mami
  12. Jaber
  13. Princesssss
  14. Rangi ya million, Yawa!
  15. The sole nominee of my heart

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