The cold is there but we can kick it out with some new jams to make you dance through into this exciting weekend!

5. Ndoto by Jaguar

This song talks about how he has finally made it. He released a song that talked about kushangaza watu and now he has released a song ‘Ndoto’ as he has made it to where he wanted to be.

4.Jigijigi by Willy Paul

The song is about a lady he married and how life is after their marriage. He sings to her praising her and appreciating how much he loves her.

3. 4 mullah by Naiboi ft Cedo

This, a sexual song that is a club banger, sees Naiboi singing to a girl asking for sex and that they spend some time together.

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2.Ndogo Ndogo BY Bahati and David Wonder


Having discovered new talent, Bahati went on to release a song that says you do not really have to be disturbed by small things that can hinder you from praising God.

  1. Fun Ting by Fena ft King Kaka

Just a song talking about Nairobi and its goodness and so they say if you want the fun side of Nairobi, ask the King and Queen who run the city!

You’re welcome!