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Remember when telephone booths were the only places you could go just to make phone calls? When we used to visit shags for holidays and decorate our houses during Christmas.

I miss those days.

Nowadays things have changed thanks to advancements in technology.

We have seen a lot of changes and you can agree with me that what used to exist in the 18th Century no longer exists in the 21st Century.

Kenyans have adapted to lavish sophisticated lifestyles.

The type of cars they drive, houses they live in and how they enjoy their leisure time says a lot about this change.

Well, from using simu ya jamii to mothers using napkins for their litto tots, Kenyans are killing old school gadgets and ways of doing things slowly.

  1. Simu ya jamii

Simu Ya Jamii

2. Reading newspapers

Soon there will be no newspapers. Nowadays technology has made it easier for people to access news on your mobile device. To sweeten the deal, you can read your newspaper online as well.


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3.  Face me matatus

They used to be the only means of transport back then, but right now the matatu culture industry has seen rapid growth and this can be evident by the thousands of matatus on our city roads.


4. Going to ocha on holidays

Gone are the days we used to travel to the village during holidays to spend time with our loved ones. These days, people rarely travel to ingo, they rather stay in the city or travel to the coast for holidays. And if they go to ingo, hawa bebani na sofa set.


5. Watching movies in cinema halls

Piracy is at it’s all-time high. River Road has made life easier for everyone. You buy a movie at 50/- and watch it at the comfort of your couch. That is Kenya’s version of Netflix and chill. Also, there are numerous streaming apps for this.


6. Decorating their houses during Christmas

It was a must back when were growing up. But as the years pass by, people are not practising it as much. I don’t know if it is because people have become Christmas cynics? Sijui!


7. Using napkins on kids

Diapers have taken over. No one wants to wash napkins soaked with urine and baby’s waste. It is a new era, I tell you.


8. Going to cyber cafes

Everyone owns a smartphone, at least a laptop and with cheap, Wifi everywhere you don’t need to go to a cybercafe to log into Facebook or Skype.