Kalenjins have beauties from here to Mosorit.
Here is a list of beautiful upstanding Kalenjin broads that ooze of wife material manenos. They are as beautiful in appearance as they are full of character.
Emmy Kosgei
Singer Emmy Kosgei is the envy of many girls who want to bag a man who fears God and can take care of a family. Emmy is considered to be one of the most eligible wife material around before she was scooped up by our broda from the west. Emmy is married to a celebrated Nigerian Apostal, Anselm Madubuko. Their wedding was as grand as a fairy tale can be.
Terryanne Chebet
TerryAnne Chebet
This former media personality has the smile and character disposition to make you fall in love with her. Terryanne Chebet broke many hearts when news of her getting fired from Citizen was announced. That did not faze her as she still landed on her feet. The fact that she can find innovative ways of making do when life hands you lemons is pure wife material.
Cheptoek Boyo
 Cheptoek boyo
 Model, entreprenuer and journalist. That is Cheptoek Boyo for you. She is a hardworking woman who is not afraid to get what she wants. She has choreographed some of the catwalks for the major beauty pagents in Kenya. So if you are looking for beauty, brains and good etiquette, then Boyo it is. Wife material from Rift Valley ndio huyo. Look no further.
Daisy Jematia Kiplagat
Daisy Kiplagat
Daisy Jematia Kiplagat caught the attention of the nation when she said ‘I Do’ to rapper Prezzo. She held down the relationship and marriage until she couldn’t take it anymore. She swiftly moved on without too much drama apart from when she called out Prezzo for not paying child support. Daisy however, moved the hell on and is now engaged.
Chemutai Sage
sage 2
She has the most beautiful voice in Kenya. Sage holds her own in the music industry and is respected for her mastery in songwriting. Despite her breakup with rapper King Kaka, she did not go out of her way to put her bizniz out there. She is controlled and respectable. What else is anyone looking for in a companion? Wife material pap.
Mercy Cherono
Mercy Cherono is stunning. This is compounded by the fact that she is a two-time world junior champion in the 3000 metres steeplechase (2008, 2010) and has also won gold medals at the 2007 World Youth Championships in Athletics and 2008 Commonwealth Youth Games. The hubby, Edmond Ng’etich ameangukia wife material kabisaaaaa.
Jemutai Comedian
Jemutai Comedian
What do men look for in a woman? A fine sense of humour. Period. Jemutai has that in bucket loads. She is a star comedian on the popular Churchill Live TV Show. In addition to this, she knows how to hustle and can hold her own in an industry that is male dominated. Huyu ni wife material kabsaaaa.
Waridi – Barbara Chepkoech
Waridi Barbara Chepkoech
This actress/singer /songwriter takes the prize for being a super mom. She posted her video of birthing her twin angels. Her skills of being a loving, caring and protective mother prove that she is wife material.