Don’t we all love a good trend? When they are introduced, we all love to work it but guys, when the trend is overdone, please let’s kill it and move on to the next one. We need to move with the times fam! Here are some of the trends I feel need to be shut down immediately.

  1. Jumpers with collar Ankara print

This needs a meeting! Guys, the trend was amazing when it was launched and we represented our culture but eeh, I think we have had enough of it! They are even being sold as mitumba!

2. Safari boots

When one relocates to the States the best way to be identified as a Kenyan has always been Safari boots. We seriously need to change this trend. We can be identified with something else.

Tunaomba serekali! Ladies please stop making this fashion mistakes

3. Flipflop slippers

Ladies, gather around we need to address the Kenyan women nation, why would you walk with this knowing very well it is very dusty out here?

4. Sneaker Wedge

why are we even talking about this? This should have been killed as soon as it was born. We either rock sneakers or rock wedges the two just don’t go so well. An unholy mix.

5. High low

This was such a cute trend. Whenever one would get married, the bridal team was very quick to do highlow dresses. So now that it’s 2018, let us move with the trend guys.

6.Leggings as pants

This is actually the men’s concern. They think it’s very unattractive in fact they hate it! Tights are tights and jeans are jeans. Leggings are not pants!