Lulu Hassan has appealed for help to trace a man who had tried to help save Mariam Kigenda and her daughter when their car fell off the Likoni ferry and sunk.

According to Lulu the man who is yet to be identified is brave and worth celebrating given that he tried to help when others were just staring.

‘I want to mention him, Not once, Not twice, I want to mention him so many times though I don’t know his name.

I don’t know his name but I know of his bravery and his golden heart.

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Photo of the unidentified man who tried to save Mariam Kigenda and her daughter when their car fell of the Likoni ferry and sunk.

The man I don’t know his name is the only brave man in the coastal region.

This brave man, When everyone else was doing nothing he jumped to the ocean.

When Mariam and her baby Amanda were shouting for help he had jumped with a rope, Though the bystanders
heard the cry for help.

The man I don’t know his name was the only one who heeded the cry of Mariam and baby Amanda.’

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According to Loulou Mariam might have seen the man trying to help but she never lived to thank him for his efforts.

Mariam may have seen him before it was dark.

She may have seen him and said bye and thanks before the salty waters filled up her lungs.

Mariam may have seen this great man before her tears were carried away by the powerful waves and said thanks anyway,

Mariam and her baby died a painful death,

She died when those concerned of her safety were in deep slumber only to wake up and shed crocodile tears.’

Loulou added

‘Though he did not succeed, The man I don’t know his name had tried, He had no oxygen cylinder.
He had no swimsuits, He had no speed boat, He had nothing but a big heart.

He almost sacrificed his life to save another. He had tried.

Mariam Kigenda
Mariam Kigenda

I think Mariam never knew his name too, She had seen him try, She had said bye and thank you before it was all dark.

Share this message until I know, Until we know the name of the only man against all odds who had tried to save Mariam and Amanda.

Share, Share, Share.’

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