AFC Leopards, known to be one of the “richest” clubs in the Kenyan Premier League, has struggled to pay its players allowances and salaries for the past two months. But why? Could it be their multi million sponsor hasn’t released funds or is it the greedy officials?

The drama continues as AFC Leopards forward Austine Ikenna has faulted the club’s top brass for failing to honour promises made to him at the beginning of the season.

The 23 year old Nigerian says he is yet to receive his signing fee and his appeals have fallen on deaf ears.

“I have been trying to reach the chairman but he is not picking my calls, I told him there are a couple of things I need to settle but he seems to be turning a deaf ear on me.” Ikenna said.

Austine Ikenna in a past match. photo:Afc

“My brother died last month and I have been requesting for the club to pay my ticket to go pay my last respect to him but no one listens.”

“When I signed, they promised me a return ticket at the end of the season; this has not happened and I get frustrated everyday. We always have financial problems at the club and it is very demoraliasing.”

“When you hear of players complaints, it is genuine because we feel we have been neglected by the leadership. I just want the chairman to grant my wish.  He should be human and understand my predicaments ,” revealed Ikenna who gave his best to the club in the just concluded season.

Who will save the AFC Leopards and help Ikenna pay his last respects to his brother?