Police are in s desperate hunt for woman and abductor after she was dragged by her hair at gunpoint from a stranger’s porch as she rang doorbell begging for help.

The woman was captured on camera ringing a doorbell and begging for help at 2.50am on Thursday.

Canadian York Regional police are seeking the help of anyone with information about a woman who was seemingly abducted at gun point in the town of Richmond Hill.

She could be heard saying ‘I think I’m going to die’ as a person who appeared to be a man approached and dragged her away by her hair. 

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No one answered the door at the home, located in the area of the intersection of High Tech Road and Silver Linden Drive.

A person appearing to be a man then comes into view in front of the car, approaching the woman on the porch.

She steps away from the door as he approaches quickly, as she’s heard telling him to stop.


The person then says, ‘Stop? You gunna stop? Be like (inaudible) you should slam one in your heard right now.’

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The two are out of the view of the camera for a moment.

When they reappear, the person is pulling the woman by her hair toward the car, as she is doubled over.

‘I think I’m gonna die,’ the woman says, to which the man replies, ‘Good’

‘Get in the (inaudible) car right now,’ the person says.

As the person drags the woman away, an object in the shape of a gun appears to be in the person’s hand.


The two appear to struggle at the door of the car, as the person says ‘Get in the (expletive) car’

The woman is dragged down the path in front of the house, up to the parked car.

The investigation is still ongoing.

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Check out the photos of the kidnapping.

Source/ Daily Mail

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