date mistakes

Many people are so used to dating online, they’ve forgotten how to do it the old-fashioned way. Or never learned. A lot of millennials struggle with in-person communication and lack body language skills because they have no experience.

Here’s some unexpected hunting grounds you may not have thought of – and what to do when you’re there and see someone who takes your fancy.


Don’t underestimate the supermarket as a potential hunting ground.

More than a few singles have connected while reaching for the same tissue paper – besides, you can tell a lot about someone by what’s in their shopping trolley.

The man stocking up on nappies and tampons is married with a child; the guy with chocolate biscuits and pizzas is most definitely single.

It’s super easy to start up a conversation as well. ‘I don’t suppose you’ve seen any baked beans in your travels?’ ‘I’m a useless cook. Do you think this is the right ingredient for a curry?’


Even if you’re not religious, going to church is a great way to meet people. Don’t assume everyone will be frumpy or misfits either.Get there at least half an hour before the ceremony starts.

Everyone knows everyone else, they’re friendly, eager to introduce you to anyone you’d like to meet and invitations to other church related events will come thick and fast.


Next to work, the gym is a hot spot for meeting future partners.

Gym gear is revealing so you get a preview of what they’ll look like naked and there’s nothing sexier than watching a guy lift weights.

Pheromones – natural attractants – are released along with perspiration and there’s plenty of sweating going on. Adrenaline is released when we push ourselves physically, making us feel pumped up and excitable. Add endorphins into the mix – feel good chemicals that release as natural pain inhibitors when we physically challenge ourselves – and the gym is a veritable melting pot of lust-inducing hormones!


Exciting and dangerous situations boost levels of key hormones that are also responsible for making people fall in love at first sight.

There’s scientific evidence that riding rollercoasters causes the body to release a hormone called Phenyl ethyl-amine which makes us feel euphoric.

It’s also released in large amounts when we meet someone we find attractive.

This is why going on an exciting theme park ride bonds us easily to whoever we’re riding it with.

Stand in the queue solo and ask an attractive man if he’ll ride with you because you’re too scared to go solo.


If you want to weed out anyone who’s selfish and self-involved, do some volunteer work. Here you’ll find kind, generous, patient people who want to make a difference.

Doing something good for others, makes us feel better about ourselves and more confident. Shy people suddenly get brave enough to ask you out.

You work as a team so it’s easy to get chatting and suggest another date by talking about another worthy charity that could use both of your help.


Who do parks attract? People with dogs.

Pet owners are proven to have better physical and mental health than people who don’t own one; they also indicate responsibility, loyalty and empathy.

It’s so easy to approach someone with a dog, even a child could do it. And they do.

Simply bound up to the dog and say ‘How cute are you!’ and then say to the owner, ‘Do you mind if I pet her or him? I used to have a dog just like this’.

Sure, it’s a lie but you can confess later and no-one minds a white lie when it’s used to get their attention.


Everyone’s moving at a snail’s pace, stopping to touch and look at things so it’s easy to accidentally bump into them or end up standing beside them.

They’re usually held at weekends so anyone who isn’t paired up, might just be available and the mood is relaxed.

Conversation starters: ‘Is this nice or hideously ugly and I’m losing it?’ I’m buying a present for my brother and he’s about the same size as you. I don’t suppose you’d try this on for me?’


Never say no to a wedding invitation if you’re single. There might not be any single men at the actual wedding but you will meet new people who have single friends/brothers/nephews and grandchildren and would love to introduce you.

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