Alright, ladies and gentlemen, the purveyor of clachetness is back on grind after a week-long tour to Lowarengak in Turkana to find out if the lasses there also have sponsors. Hell yeah! They also do, but you’ll need 1000 cows to convince any girl.  

Now back to Nairobi. Who said that sponsors must be old? Definitely not us, because there’s this young man who has literally taken over everything.

A few months ago, we told you that he would unquestionably be the next big thing in the Kenyan entertainment industry, and he has already actually proven so.

His influence seems to be growing fast all over. 19-year-old Shaqtheyungin started off as a vlogger with his popular YouTube show named SHAQTHEYUNGIN TV, which received thousands of views.

The young lad later joined one of the biggest media houses in the region as a TV host on KTN’s YOLO. The self-proclaimed “Nairobi’s Youngest Sponsor” also made a name for himself on USIU Radio.

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Is he popular on social media? Yes! The lad has over 12,000 Instagram followers. That’s even more than the number of followers some D-list Kenyan celebrities have. He has become a high school craze too and always has girls going crazy.

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