Zari Hassan is a proud mother as his first born son, Pinto Semwanga, whom he bore with her late husband Ivan Don Semwanga turns 17 years old.

Pinto is the firstborn among Zari’s five kids. His birthday comes just hours after Tiffah Dangote also turned 5 years old.

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Taking to social media to celebrate her son, Zari penned

‘Heir to the Don Semwanga’s kingdom, help me wish my 1st boy a happy 17th birthday @pinto.tlale💘 you 1000 much

When they say I am blessed, this is what they mean. I love you my August babies.
Mummy always praying for you🙏 @pinto.tlale @princess_tiffah.’

As Tiffah turned five yesterday, Zari also took to her social media to celebrate her with the message below.

‘Once upon a time far away in the land of Tegeta-Madale, a princess 👸 was born & the people of the land were excited for her arrival.

Her name was @princess_tiffah …..She continues growing gracefully & beautifully before the people’s eyes except with a bit of drama. Her story is an amazing one……and it still continues.

Happy birthday lil ma🎂 💕 Always praying for you🙏

Below are photos of Zari’s son, Pinto and her daughter, Tiffah.

Zari’s son Pinto
Tiffah and her brother Pinto
Tiffah and her brother Pinto
Tiffah and her brother Pinto

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Zari Hassan with her firstborn, Pinto
Zari with her first born child Pinto Semwanga

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Pinto Ivan

Raphael, Pinto, Zari and Quincy
Raphael, Pinto, Zari and Quincy
Zari and son Pinto
Zari and son Pinto

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