Size 8
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Gospel singer Size 8 went on Instagram Live on Saturday night for a prayer session with her fellow believers.

She had earlier announced that news of the alleged infidelity in her marriage will not break her and hubby DJ Mo apart.

And to ensure that doesn’t happen she will go on a 3-day fast and pray for her marriage.

DJ Mo who was exposed by his ex-flame and side chic, Margaret Wanyama, hasn’t commented officially about his marriage or the torrid affair.

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Anyhow, Size 8 went  live a few minutes to 9pm last night and addressed people who were looking for some gossip from her session.

“This is not about me or about the Muraya’s…” Size 8 warned as the live session began.

The session began with loooooooong prayers before she began to preach 10 0r 15 minutes into the live.

“Let God use us for his glory. Even if you are in the Lion’s den right now. God has allowed you to walk into the lion’s den right now. Not for you to die but for you to see his victory back in your life. And for people to glorify God through your life and say, ‘Heh! We thought that would destroy her? But look at God. Look at their God!'”

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Size 8 continued,

“I bless the lord for allowing all those shenanigans to happen because you are here. Some of you are just here because of Udaku. You are not here because you want to pray but I thank you for coming here for Udaku. Because as you are here? God is speaking to your heart and if you are not born again I’m here to tell you that huwezi endelea na life bila Christ.”

She added,

“Guys I’m telling you I left the secular world when I was at the peak. But there was no grace in my life and there was no peace. Money is good but it is not everything. You can be the richest and the most saddest, depressed and worried person. But with Jesus everything is nice.”

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Size 8 had a word of encouragement for those whose marriages are on the rocks.

“Now, if you are facing troubles in marriage. If you’re facing obstacles in marriage. I’m here to tell you where there is God there is a possibility of an answered prayer. I speak healing in your heart for those who have been hurt.”

She concluded by letting those who are curious about the state of her marriage by saying,

“For those who are asking, I have seen the goodness of God in my marriage, home and the salvation of God in my life.”

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