Kenyan artistes are commonly known for their cheap publicity stunts. Be it crying in their entire music videos or doing anything that can get them fame, no one can beat them in this game. Most of them sing nonsensical music and later on complain how Kenyans are not supporting them and accuse MCSK of paying them peanuts. Kudos MCSK, do your work. If they can’t produce quality music, why pay them with fat cheques? Whoever refuses to work, should not be allowed to eat! I’m a terrible singer and if I would venture into music, I would appreciate even if I’m given Sh20 a month because I know I don’t deserve it.

So Kenyan musicians, pull up your socks and stop complaining!

Well, a video of decorated local artiste Kaka Sungura washing his hand with some expensive whisky has surfaced online. Yet you still complain music is the worst paying career in Kenya? Then you must be among those who sing garbage.

In the video, you can clearly see Kaka Sungura enjoying the *s***as his pals cheer him. Why can’t he use such money for charity? Anyway, that’s Kenyan celebrities for you.