Nigeria’s boy band P-Square sang Nobody Ugly, a song that was dedicated to appreciate all the ladies in the World.

On the contrary Willy Paul is not for that. In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, the Tiga Wana hitmaker revealed that he was happily dating a woman of his dreams.

He went on to add that the woman he is seeing is saved and stunning.

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He told Mpasho;

“Yes, Willy Paul is dating. Ni msichana tu ajua Mungu.”

He continued;

“Watu husema mwanamke ni tabia, hii ni ukweli mwanamke ni tabia but according to me mwanamke ni tabia, anajua God ama hamjui, ni mrembo ama si mrembo?”

Willy paul fresh
Willy Paul with a female fan

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He went on to describe his ideal woman saying that he would avoid unattractive women to shun away from cheating;

“Mimi sitakudanyanya ati mwanamke ni tabia peke yake. Sasa alafu mwanamke ni tabia alafu uso akala? Si hio itafanya hata nicheat? Na mimi siwezitaka kucheat juu hata God Mwenyewe hawezini-allow.”

Talking about his alleged “wife” Alaine, Pozze confessed that the two had only done a collabo together and nothing more.

As you marinate on that, check out some of the photos of the ladies linked to Willy Paul…

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