Bahati and Diana Marua pregnant
Bahati and Diana Marua pregnant

Award-winning gospel singer is in love with his wife Diana Marua despite rumours that there’s trouble in paradise.

Chuki itawamaliza! Jealous Kenyans pick on Bahati’s newborn baby

The Mama hit singer and Diana went out on a date today for the first time after welcoming their first born, Heaven and they looked great.

Bahati and Diana Marua

Bahati shared the above photo posing next to his wife and captioned:

“This was Our Veeeryyy First Date 😍😍😍 What Name should we give our Second born if it’s a boy???”

The caption raised eyebrows with their followers asking whether the power couple was planning to have another child soon or this was just a publicity stunt.

Check out the reactions:

Gitonga Nyaga: Naona ukona morali sana wa kuzaa.My advice…
Now that your first born is heaven the second,third ,fourth,fifth kuendelea should feature the name of Angels in Heaven.You can start with Michael,Gabriel until you fill heaven.Ok?

Morris Wanjala: This boy need some advice, why do you bring your family on social media, that’s why some people are the first born is not yours, we will discuss them as you bring them to us, ata mwezi haijaisha since she gave birth and you are talking of another child

Bahati and his daughter Heaven

Bonnie Bahati Mchelsea: First born hata hajaanza Kula ugali mshafikiria about second born? By now you’re supposed to think of family planing, free advice

Mugendi Titus: Seriously? Bahati, Kenyans are currently dealing with serious matters like floods, kuchangia Miguna Miguna arudi, Baba kukalonzo Nasa, lamba lolo wewe uko hapa kusaka majina ya watoto? Anyway who am I to question you? You drive a Mercedes Benz whereas I skate to school to go and solve for X.

Carlos Lufuyo: How many times should I tell you to keep your family life private….??? Anyway your firstborn is heaven then 2nd born name him Hell

Minati Flamer Kartel: Lamba lolo call him your grandfather or mother’s name achane kutupima hapa na heavens na still no trustfulness in your House. By the way DNA iliendaje


Nyambu Mcute: Even Chibudee was there saai ako single,,anyway we have seriou matters like flood na kuchagia miguna apate ticket sio kuchagia majina

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Saning’o W Dimero: Keep your private life out of music men. All you get is blasphemy.
Tell her NO kama anakulazimisha 😂😂😂😂😂.We are only interested in Bahati, she did nothing to us…. She did to you plus➕ many more others. By the way sijui manager wako anaitwa nani never introduced him.

Hon Wanyama PM: My brother,your kid is hardly two months, you already thinking of second born??? You must be a Luhya!

Mwende Carol: You have so many children out there? Heaven is jus among them…. Which second born are you referring to?!! 😕😕😕😕 wacha ya kwangu yanikodeshe

Bahati and Diana

Mercie Mwangi: Haha. So many names to choose from. You can call him earth or hell or even planet kwanza pluto coz it already vanished and we need it back.

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