On Sunday night, NTV aired #PredatorGuardians, a feature story that has moved many to tears.

The feature by Charity Mwangi exposed the rogue guardians in different parts of Makueni County, who take away the innocence of young children.

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In the expose, six children confessed to being molested by people well known to them, biological father, stepfather, uncles and even neighbours.


Many children are molested every day but only a few cases are reported.

Here are reactions from Kenyans;

Paul Polosa: Watching #PredatorGuardians breaks my heart, am just left wondering where this world is heading to. @ntvkenya SAD INDEED.

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Wanja: Watching #PredatorGuardians breaks my heart, am just left Wondering where this world is heading to. @ntvkenya SAD INDEED.

Aluochoito: Most predators are addicts who abuse substances. They become animals when intoxicated. Nothing is as heartbreaking as listening to a minor give an account of how he/she was defiled. #PredatorGuardians

Mary Wairimu: Who in the law society will help these children? 😭 Which activist will stand up for the innocent children who have been brought on TV today? What can I do to help? Because tweeting isn’t enough. #PredatorGuardians

Tris Akoth: #PredatorGuardians it’s so sad and disturbing what is happening within our borders yet we have laws, we have the law enforcers… Jesus where are we headed as a country? God have mercy on us.

Sen Mutula Kilonzo: The man who sodomized the three boys were given protection by local administration for eleven months. At the time prosecutor misled the Court that the suspect had fled his home, he was not aware NTV had interviewed him a day before. #PredatorGuardians

Kelienick: I have watched #PredatorGuardians with a lot of dismay. I have never felt this ashamed of my county #makueni @ntvkenya

Wambui: The way rape cases are handled in KE is just tiring & out of court settlement with rapists/their families is disgusting & must never be an option All cases should be dealt with in a court of law to protect the rest of the community. Rape is destroying lives! 😢#PredatorGuardians

SN NYamao: The TEARS from these mothers in #PredatorGuardians will not go unanswered. God is watching from above and he’ll avenge for them. @DCI_Kenya On this one Please just do something drastic. I don’t easily shed a tear but today One escaped me. SADNESS… COMPLETE SADNESS

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Mueni: What happened to humanity? 💔💔💔 Animals are way better than us. Is it that hard for people to zip up? Does it mean that if you don’t have sex you will die? 😭😭 why rape an innocent soul? Why? 💔 #PredatorGuardians

JB Baraka: Another depressing hashtag #PredatorGuardians…just a month after the one on pregnancy crisis among schoolgirls in Kilifi. What was done? We’re just a hashtag country. Cheap internet, viral hashtags, quick trends, but zero action. This too shall pass. Sad.

Miss Anne: Whatever happened to humanity I guess we will never know. Even animals identify kids miles away. I pray the kids will at some point get over the trauma caused by their so-called guardians. True to the disclaimer, this is DISTRESSING! #PredatorGuardians @ntvkenya

Michaelmkenya: It’s time to amend the constitution to have those idiots being castrated or removing they deep stick or have a firing squad at Uhuru Park to serve as a living example I can’t fathom how can someone spoil a child so innocent, we are in a crazy world #PredatorGuardians

Kelvin Winsters: #PredatorGuardians @ntvkenya This cases clearly shows that there is no Justice for the poor in Kenya. With all the evidence but still, nothing happens. This is like encouraging the violators. These people deserve a mob justice. No out of court settlement.

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Eve Muthii: Death sentences should be reintroduced to rapists..whatever happened to Humanity I don’t know😒 #PredatorGuardians

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 Here is the video