Upon waking up I heard a voice talking to me and it was the nurse who told me that I lost my eyesight while undergoing the operation. I was confused, why was this happening to me? I tried waking up but couldn’t, I could not feel my left side, I was paralyzed so I could not walk. On the day I was discharged we were told to go back after a week for checkup. I was taken back by my husband, brother and uncle. Upon reaching there my brother told my husband to go get a wheel chair as he queued in the line.

My husband left to go get the wheel chair but he stayed for long. I told my uncle that my husband has ran away. We tried calling him but he would not pick up and later switched the phone off, he never came back. In December last year I got sick again went to a local hospital and the doctor told me that I had typhoid, but after giving me drugs I still was not getting well. And in January I decided to go to Kenyatta hospital and found that a had blood clot in my chest and heart. I was treated and while in the ward I got worse and had to be rushed to the ICU treated and later taken to the ward and again back to the ICU and back to the ward.

When the doctor came to see me I could feel it in his voice that he had bad news, and he did. He told me that my lungs had collapsed and had a clot in both my head and heart. I was devastated, They told me that the cant operate me there and gave me a letter to be treated abroad. Since my lungs collapsed I had to buy an oxygen tank that costs 450,000, I could not raise the money for both the machine and the medical bills since my NHIF card could not settle the whole bill and had to do a harambee and I talked to a friend by the name of Ngatia who talked to my Member of Parliament Hon. John Njoroge Chege who came to my rescue and donated 500,000 Kshs and I was discharged. I use the machine all the time.

I found a hospital abroad and the cost is 7 million Kshs and knowing that I could not raise it I knew I would eventually die but a former councilor by the name of John Kibue came to see me and told me that he would help me raise the funds. He is God sent, my daughter used to carry the tank for me as we went for checkups but now he takes me to hospital in his car for checkups anytime I need to.

I will be getting treatment of Intravenous Filter Catheter Insertion, Lung mechanical reconstruction and Intensive care treatment due to Chronic Chest pain and difficulty in Breathing. We are doing a walk on the 15th of October from Naivas Kasarani to Mwiki and a harambee on December 4th in Mwiki and I plead with anyone who can help me to do so as I am hopeless at the moment.”