After a few months the complications returned and my mother recommended a specialist who upon going to see him told me that I had to get an X-ray to determine once and for all what was ailing me. And shortly after he told me that my appendix was the problem and had to be operated on for the sixth time.

In 2006 I got complication again in my abdomen and upon going to the hospital I was told I had fibroids and had to be operated on to remove the uterus. I told the doctor how I had had many operations and had no faith that this would help me, but he said that I had to. He told me to come back with my husband so that he could sign the necessary papers. But the doctors performed the operation without removing the uterus.

After about six months my husband who still thought that my uterus was removed said that he needed another baby and would marry another wife. I told him that I still had my uterus and could get pregnant and this angered him and after some tome I got pregnant again and carried it for about six months and after some screenings I was informed that the baby had died in my womb. I started dying slowly inside.

I got sick again and after going back to the specialist he told me that the fibroids were not completely removed and they had grown back. I had to be done another operating. I remember asking my husband if he or I were cursed for us to be having all this bad luck. After being discharged the pain did not stop and after some time I went back to the hospital. The doctors told me that my insides had raptured where the wound was. I went back to the theater and was operated on for the 10th time.

In 2009 the complications came back and I went back to the hospital and was operated on again. I got pregnant again but the baby was growing in the fallopian tube and got an operation to remove it. I went back to my job of selling vegetables and I thought life would now be okay.

But in 2010 the complications came back and upon going to the hospital I was referred to Kenyatta Hospital and the found out that I had a clot near my heart. I was operated on and stayed in the ICU for ten days and as my condition got better I was transferred to the ward. When I recovered I opened my eyes but could not see anything, I heard my mother’s voice and asked her what was happening, I could not see yet my eyes were opened. She told me to sleep for a while and things would be fine.