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Yahweh Is Great! Kenyan Man Who Was Sick Until His Eyes Turned Yellow Undergoes Successful Treatment (PHOTOS)

Well, there is this story of a Kenyan woman who has undergone ten operations with the last one leaving her blind that has gone viral. Below is the sad story, read it

“After getting my first born in 1999 I came to Nairobi in Mwiki, Kasarani with my husband in the year 2000 and got pregnant again in the same year but due to complication I was operated on and they found out that I had a wound in my womb and I lost the pregnancy, I was later discharged.

In 2001, I got sick again and was operated on a second time. A year later in the year 2002 I got pregnant again but it wasn’t rosy as I started feeling pain in my abdomen and when I went to the hospital they told me that the baby wrongly positioned and I was operated on a third time and lost the pregnancy again.

In 2003 I got sick again and went to Thika hospital where they carried out an ultra sound to determine the cause of my problem and after the results I was operated on for the fourth time. After about 2 years my abdomen started protruding while deeply in pain and had to go back to the hospital again. The doctors informed me that I was pregnant with twins but one was wrongly positioned in the Fallopian tube, and was operated again and they had to be removed. I went to stay with my mum until I recovered.