What your partner says to you may mean a little bit more than what’s on the surface.

It may even mean a bit more if both of you have hit a rocky patch in your relationship.

It can be quite natural to pay attention to said statements.

Signs a relationship is ending may be right under your nose and certain clues may indicate the direction.

Here are things that you should be watching out for;

1. We don’t have to do everything together

The moment one partner feels as though somethings could be done without the involvement of the other, it could be a sign that the relationship is coming to an end.

2. I just need some space

Some space typically means that they don’t want to be bothered. Giving space may entail giving space to the partner to cheat.

3. I’m just too busy to hang out

The right partner will always create time to hang out with you. If a person is too busy it could just be a red flag.

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4. Whatever…

Whatever clearly means that you’re free to get away with anything you choose to do. Whenever you’re told whatever, just know your partner doesn’t care what happens to you and that is a red flag.

5. You always do this.

Putting a reference point especially in arguments means that your partner didn’t move on after the last argument. Watch out for the red flag.