Gender-based violence against women or men should never be condoned. It is a terrible scourge that has afflicted this country so much so this year, that many are wondering what is going on with the moral fiber of our society.

Me, I have my theories but I will not share them with you today. In the video clip that has gone viral, a Kenyan man and a young female are seen arguing in what looks to be a hostel room. In the video, the man is talking about a certain chick liking him.

Before and after photos of Valerie Masibo, the woman who was beaten like a burukenge by her husband surface

The friend of the woman defends her friend telling the man that he is using her(By the way where is the girl herself to defend herself?).

This is when the sh!t hits the fan with the man unleashing an f-bomb. The lady does n’t like that turn of events and tries to push him using her palms on his face. What happens next is tragic for the lady as the uncompromising fellow holds her hands then gives her the most savage headbutt I have ever seen.

It is so bad that you can see her balance is affected. She even gets woozy. Check out the video below:

Hiyo header ni Mungu tu anajua mahali girl child alilala

Posted by Kenyans on Friday, October 5, 2018

The reactions to the video are divided with some believing that the woman deserved the action and others calling for the man’s head. They are below:

Unene Koro Osechopo Serves her right.
Rachel Annie B I don’t support fight, but the lady provoked the boy child
Rhoda Shanilla Mu Aki I have felt the pain as if ni mimi waaah!!!..But what hurts even more ni wataachana tuu
Dyan Dennis Mr noordin hajj this boy deserves immediate arrest because that’s inhumane……
Paul Kebut Hio header hata Giroud hawezi ifikia
Vivian Maiyo Hii kijana awekwe ndani
Patric AmQumbi Hehe. Wah Mtu hakulala. hio headbutt inakaa ya zinedine zidane
Don Poseur uyu dame ndiye alianza ufala.akapatana na radi
Ina Cumarow Cumarow The man is stupid heading a girl is unmanly n weakness not strength

What do you think?

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