Tanasha and her manager

Tanasha Donna and her manager David Munyua aka African Castro are no longer working together. The two parted ways a few weeks ago and according to gossip mills, it’s because Tanasha ‘deserted’ him at his hour of need.

Castro’s father was hospitalised two months ago and the bill accumulated to Sh7 million, forcing the family to lease their home to raise money to pay off his hospital bill. Rumour has it Tanasha didn’t come through for him.

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Castro shared a photo in hospital with his father accompanied by the long post below,

Life is a maze, two months ago my Dad got admitted to Nairobi hospital, his diabetic so the hospital recommended that due to the cold he had until his vein arteries were tight he be admitted for observation. One nurse asked my brother, why did you bring your father here for a cold treatment? Nairobi hospital is considering all flu symptoms (COVID-19), my brother wasn’t aware of this since my dad is always doing his dialysis at Nairobi hospital and his doctor who works with the hospital recommended he be looked at Nairobi hospital. I didn’t understand the Covid statement once my brother told me about it so I decided to consult further and before I even finalized my consulting process my father was considered a Covid-19 patient and later onwards taken to the lock down in the ICU Ward. While he was there my father tells me that was the most lonely period of his life, everybody died with Covid apart from him,that was one hell of a journey for him and it felt like a jail sentence. While he was isolated, he remembers going to the hospital with a blister on his hallux toe, one of the nurses noted that the toe was swollen and decided to inform the doctor, the doctor without consulting the family took my dad to theater and decided to take him under the blade, being diabetic that comes with a lot of complications. After a few days my dads leg was considered to be infected with gangrene and there’s no other alternatives but to amputate the leg. It took a toll on my family especially my Mom, they been married thirty plus years but being the tough woman she is she gave the hospital a go a head. My dad got amputated five inches beneath his knee, but the hospital still considered him a Covid-19 patient so days went by, considering our insurance broken system, they said they don’t have a policy on treatment of corona virus so they will only cover a percentage of the hospital bill which came to 7 (seven) million plus. My dad came out the hospital this week after announcing his corona free three weeks ago, it took fam to leverage the family house to the hospital so that he can get out since no one in the family can afford to clear the bill immediately. ❤️ you Dad, u still alive.


Well, Tanasha has a new manager Ciza Obare and during an Instagram Live with her fans, she said the rumours going round weren’t true. Talking about Jamal and Castro, who’ve been managing her, she said,

‘he’s still part of my team and we work together. We have so many upcoming projects so those are lies. I want to clarify that we even met yesterday and spoke about it. everyone these days is just making assumptions. People believe what they see out there without having concrete proof about what the reality of the situation is.’

Parting ways with Castro

‘We came to a conclusion and it was a mutual understanding between us two. he was not really fit to manage me, something he acknowledged himself. So it was not me just coming out here and bad-mouthing him “oh he wasn’t fit to manage me.” This is something he recognised himself and he said he’s more into business development,’ Tanasha explained.

She added that,

tHERE were some communication problems between us here and there not like any of us was bad just weren’t fit or suitable to work together. We have no bad blood, we left everything in a very amicable way.

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