Papa Shirandula buried

Jacqueline Nyaminde alias Wilbroda is among mourner who gathered to bid Papa Shirandula goodbye as he was being laid to rest today.

On-screen many knew Wilbroda as Papa’s wife, a role she played meticulously.

Sending her condolence to Papa’s family and fans, Wilbroda said,

‘The pain we are feeling for losing Papa is something we cannot even explain. We send our condolence to his family.

Even at his last moments Papa was very happy.’ Said Wilbroda.

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In an earlier interview with The Star, the actress thanked Papa for giving her a chance when most people doubted her.

“This guy (Papa) gave me a chance and because of him, I am who I am,” she said.

He was my friend, my mentor and was a great uncle to my son. We had grown closer as a team and had so many projects we were working on. I am broken.”

So perfect was the screen relationship between Wilbroda and Papa Shirandula that some people had a hard time believing they are not husband and wife in real life.

Truth be told, Papa gave many actors a chance to shine and eke a living using their talent. The legendary actor made us laugh and showed us that no matter how tough your past is you can achieve your dreams.

May he rest in perfect peace.

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