Frankie Justgymit

Frankie Justgymit a father of three has for the first time talked bout his kids’ birth experiences.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Frankie said,

Kai [his second born with maureen Waititu] was Mr strong man. jolly and happy. I didn’t feel he was fragile up until this day I feel Lexi [his firtsborn] is the most fragile because he was the first one. He’s so sensitive to me. 

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Lexi’s birth was the scariest thing in the fitness trainer’ life.

‘He was born without oxygen and went for almost five minutes without oxygen that’s was the most traumatic experience to me. I’m not a religious person but I prayed he gets through it,’ he recalled.


We thought he was gone. He came out purple.

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Comparing his three kids’ birth experiences, he said,

With Lexi and Kai we were going through that parenting journey but with Taiyari, Kwamboka isn’t experienced. I’m the one who’s experienced. She’s very sensitive, the way I used to be the first time. When she panics I calm her down…

Frankie narrated how he got into an accident after the birth of his first child, while in deep thoughts.

When I was driving from the hospital heading home, just before Maureen and Lexi were discharged, I was in autopilot. I got into an accident because I was just driving and my mind was in a daze. Only thing I was thinking about was Lexi the whole time.

Frankie broke up with YouTuber Maureen Waititu, the mother of two of his kids and hooked up with Corazon Kwamboka, who recently gave birth to his third child. They are all co-parenting and living separately.

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Fans of Maureen Waititu’s ex-husband reacted to his video and reactions include;

Grace Nyaboke Everything aside, Frankie is a hands on Dad. Keep up.

Petra Brown My husband stays with our 3 months old while I go to school. I don’t take it for granted ❤

Linda Mary You really have experience. When a man supports his partner in the ways you’ve described, it helps to ease her life and makes the experience of having a baby more enjoyable. Thank you for the information and I wish you the best as your family grows.

Nancy Sunday So you people don’t live together? Corazon place and your place

Mbugua Gaku Thanks for the men role in raising newborns. We should do more.

Valentine Nyaboke Niceeeeee….What a great and thoughtful conversation Frankie. Having a supportive partner makes motherhood journey much more easier and less stressful to say the least.

Halima Ali I felt bad that you guys live separately 😭😭😭😭😭😭 why now?

Feb’s Kitchen You are doing great papa. Being with a child makes you worry about them all the time coz you always want to protect your children.

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